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Breakfast Box

Start Your Day With Our Outstanding Breakfast Box

Breakfast is an important meal of the day. A good breakfast can set you up for success. AWsorted for you believes this assertion, and we strive to fuel you for the days activities. Our breakfast box is perfect for corporate meetings, training days, charity events, and days when you don't have enough time in the morning.

AWsorted for you provides fresh and wholesome breakfast boxes to start your day right. We have an extensive range of alternatives to cater for all dietary requirements and preferences. Whether you have a birthday to celebrate, picnic or meeting, our breakfast box will exceed your expectations. You may also personalise your breakfast boxes across  Melbourne.

Our breakfast boxes provide many benefits including:

  • Affordable: We have different boxes to suit budgets. You can tell us if there is something specific you need and we can work to offer you the best services at that rate. We may offer a discount for bulk purchases.

  • Personalised: We can also prepare a special package if you need a customised order. Inform us of your requirements, and we will meet them. For example, you may need personalised gifts in Melbourne to mark a special occasion with your staff. We will provide breakfast boxes that match the occasions theme.

  • Delivery: We currently deliver to Bayside and South-East Melbourne areas. Contact us for other locations. 


AWsorted for you sells gift boxes, dessert boxes, breakfast boxes, grazing boxes, sweet and savoury boxes and much more across Melbourne. We comply with all the licensing and safety requirements to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Contact us today to order a breakfast box.

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