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Grazing Boxes Melbourne

Get the Perfect Grazing Boxes in Melbourne

Looking for ways to treat yourself or a loved one? Order a grazing box to enjoy celebrating various occasions in your life or with friends and family. AWsorted for you’s grazing boxes are a great way to help celebrate birthdays, a new baby, picnics, anniversaries and the New Year.

Whether you are after something sweet, savoury or a gift we can personalise our grazing boxes to suit your needs. Our boxes will communicate your feelings towards friends, family members, or business clients. 

Our grazing boxes in Melbourne are excellent options when you need mobility, freshness, and style. We fill them with various items, such as fine cheese, dried fruits, curated meat, and crackers. The boxes will make the perfect present or bring joy to the occasion.

You can choose a box that has already been created and modify it to suit your needs. Otherwise you can create your own by telling us your budget and the number of guests you are catering for. Once we have these details, our staff will have everything packed and delivered at your convenience. 

Why Choose AWsorted for you?

AWsorted for you is a Melbourne-based company that delivers grazing boxes and treats within the Bayside areas and South-East Melbourne. We sell grazing boxes, dessert boxes, breakfast boxes, sweet and savoury boxes, plus much more! 


We have various accreditations that make us ideal for you such as:

  • Our staff have undergone the infection control training for COVID-19, minimising your chances of infection at our premises.

  • We have all the necessary licences and insurance covers.

  • You will find the right items for you, as our services are affordable.


Contact us today, and we will provide grazing boxes to celebrate special occasions or people in your life.

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