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Sweet And Savoury Boxes

Commemorate Your Occasions With Our Sweet and Savoury Boxes

Our sweet and savoury boxes can transform any occasion into a memorable one, letting your family and friends know you cherish them. AWsorted for you will help create and deliver personalised, stylish and delicious treats or gifts that help you commemorate any occasion.

AWsorted for you has various specially curated sweet and savoury boxes for picnics, race day celebrations and birthdays. We can deliver our sweet and savoury boxes to recipients in South-East Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our boxes include an assortment of cupcakes or cookies, fruit, cheese, cured meats, turkish bread, dips, crackers, lollies and/or chocolates, 


We have a variety of items to choose from that can be packaged to suit your needs for any occasion. If you need your box customised, affordable or require quick delivery, please let us know and we can work something out for you. 

All our boxes are presented beautifully with a see-through lid to see the items inside. We also provide compostable napkins and cutlery if required. Our sweet and savoury boxes will ensure you and/or your loved ones will enjoy the special occasion.

Why Choose AWsorted for you?

At AWsorted for you, we create a wide range grazing and gift boxes to help commemorate special occasions. People choose to work with us for many reasons, including:

  • We prepare our treats with love, making them delicious and memorable.

  • Our services are affordable.

  • We have the necessary certifications and licences for the business.

  • Our staff offer excellent customer service.

  • We offer various options to suit each occasion.


AWsorted for you can help you turn a special occasion into a more memorable one. We will provide boxes that exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to get the right AWsorted box for you in Melbourne.

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